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Welcome to the IvyWarriors Team Webpage!

We are team 16716, the IvyWarriors! We are an FTC team located in Odessa, FL, consisting of 7 members and 2 coaches.

Our team shares many characteristics, culminating in our shared passion of robotics and coding. Throughout our FIRST experience, we worked together to brainstorm possible solutions for our robot.  Building the mission field, robot, and code was a challenging yet extremely rewarding process as everything came together. We had an awesome experience working together!

Our Team:

We are led by two wonderful coaches, coach Abhay and coach Tamil. They are always available if we need help or assistance, but they believe we will learn the most by struggling through our problems, allowing us to become a much stronger team.

Our Robot

Our pride and joy, the Challenger. We have used the same chassis for our robot for 3 years, albeit with numerous modifications.


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17808 Wayne Road
Odessa, Florida 33556

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